ветеринарная лаборатория
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      приемная директора

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      отдел приема материалов

      Certificate of Registration Number: O.T.C.RU00228 Valid until: 2018, October, 19

      Certificate of Registration Number: O.T.C.RU00228 Valid until: 2018, October, 19

      Annex №     1 to the Certificate Number: O.T.C.RU00228

      Agriculture and services in this field; provision of services in crop production and animal husbandry; provision of services in reproduction of fish and water biological resources; technical experiments, investigations expertise and certification; Veterinary activities; veterinary expertise, veterinary and sanitary expertise; laboratory and diagnostic services and activities; laboratory researches, testing and expertises in the field of: ecology, microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology, virology, radiology, physical chemistry, serology and parasitology, hydrochemistry, quality and food safety control, cereals, grains and its processed products, forage and forage supplements, determination of phytosanitary quarantine status of quarantineable products and objects, determination of variety and sowing qualities of agricultural and forest plants seeds, fertility and pollution of soil, water, diagnostics of non-contagious and infectious diseases of animals; the conformance evaluation of products producing, company to veterinary and sanitary requirements of directives and regulations of importing countries, assessment of the operation of control systems.

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